Whatever the weather, the new Toyota RAV4 allows you to ride with confidence!

With St. Patrick's day in the rearview mirror and temperatures steadily rising, it seems we're almost out of the woods with winter here in Ohio. However, while most parts of the country go straight from winter to spring, locals from Lima to Upper Sandusky, OH know that we've got a fifth season here in our neck of the woods: Mud and Pothole Season. Luckily, here at McDaniel Toyota, we've got an all-season crossover that's perfect for tackling anything Mother Nature throws in your path: the new Toyota RAV4.

Now, for those who haven't been traveling around the greater Mansfield and Bucyrus, OH area for as long as we have, Mud and Pothole Season is those rainy few weeks between the end of winter and the proper start of spring. Before the crocus flowers start to bloom, you get to experience the spine-shaking rattle of driving on roads ripped apart by months of snow plows. And even if you're not traveling on a paved road, every unpaved parking lot and gravel driveway turns into a squelchy mud puddle that's tough to travel on even with all-wheel drive. Suffice it to say, Mud and Pothole Season here in Ohio can be a bit of a mess.

Fortunately, there's the Toyota RAV4 is one of the few crossovers out there that actually takes to these inclement conditions with a degree of confidence. With its recently revised platform, generous ground clearance, and multi-link rear suspension, the Toyota RAV4 adapts to changing road conditions with greater agility, helping you to avoid potholes more easily, or at least mitigate the jarring thump of hitting one if you can't avoid it. What's more, thanks to its Dynamic Torque Vectoring All-Wheel Drive and Multi-Terrain Select system, you can plan ahead for muddy and slippery surface conditions with its Mud & Sand mode, helping you keep traction and momentum in driving situations that would leave other crossovers just spinning their wheels.

Best of all, when we finally get through to spring, we think you'll find that the new Toyota RAV4 is the perfect crossover SUV for outdoor adventuring. So, stop by our Toyota dealership in Marion today if you'd like to test drive one!

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