Do I Need to Get My Car's Air Conditioning Serviced Every Year?

A question that our service team at McDaniel Toyota gets asked a lot is ironically one that doesn't have a definite answer: "when should I bring my car in to have the AC system serviced?". While the answer is based on the current quality of your car's air conditioning system, there can be a few noticeable signs that can foreshadow a quick appointment with our mechanics to bring the cool air back to full blast:

  • Is the air taking too long to cool down?
  • Is the AC not cold enough to your liking?
  • Has there been a recent shift in the quality of your AC system?
  • Have you noticed that only the heat in your vehicle works?

To be honest, if the answer to any of those questions is a "yes" then you would be better off with a visit to our service center. Odds are that your system either needs to be recharged or, in rarer cases, there could be leak of your refrigerant. More often than not, we utilize an evac and recharge service that can remove the old Freon from the system and refill it to the proper level. If there is a leak present, we would have to seal it before refilling the refrigerant. Either way, it is an easier fix than you'd think to get the air conditioning in your car back up to speed as the summer finally approaches!

Are you in need of service on your AC system in the nearby Marion, Findlay, Bucyrus, Mansfield or Lima, OH areas? Simply confide in the knowledge and skill of our professional mechanics by making an appointment today! Once you stop in to have everything fixed up at 1111 Mt. Vernon Avenue, you'll be ready to truly enjoy these hot and sunny months!

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